"Red Capitalism" Growing In Global Appeal

People's Liberation Army in dress uniform, currently the largest army in the world in number of peopleImage via WikipediaImage via Wikipedia- Google News-- Chinese Success Creates New Paradigm for Developing Nations

For years the prevailing model for growing the economies of developing countries was the Washington Consensus- brain-child of the Clinton Administration focused on creating dynamic regional and bi-lateral trade agreements to help bridge gaps in comparative advantage and lower protectionist trade barriers. In terms of maximizing the benefits of globalization for the United States and its most valued allies, both developed and developing nations, it was a very effective. However, many lesser developed nations have failed to find their niche in the global marketplace and have floundered for years, usually under political turmoil.
The unrelenting growth exhibited by the Chinese economy since opening its borders to the west has given the Chinese Communist Party immeasurable credibility in the eyes of developed and developing nations alike. The CCP's policy framework for building a 21st century economy under great demographic strain and a hostile political climate, otherwise known as "socialism with Chinese characteristics"-- but more aptly termed "Red Capitalism" by many China scholars-- has been embraced by many 3rd world states struggling to feed their people.

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